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Cycling Time Trials

It's Up To You !!!.
I am a  cyclist with many seasons experience of riding open and club time trials.

ABCCI am a qualified coach and a member of the Association of British Cycling Coaches.

I started racing at age 40. I did personal bests at one distance or another for the next 14 years. At the age of 54 I did personal bests at 25 miles ( a short 54 minutes), 50 ( 1 hour 52 minutes) and 100 miles (4 hours 3 minutes and 20 seconds)

I didn't train for a 100 (I did one training ride of 80 miles two weeks before the event).The principles and training programmes set out on this site are based on my own experiences and the difficulties I had, when I started, in finding the right programme for me.

The Results.
I started cycling at the age of 37. This was just about the time I stopped smoking (20 cigarettes a day and 4 ounces of pipe tobacco a week). I had previously played soccer and squash, but I donít believe I was ever really fit. I rode my first time trial (a 10 mile club event) at the age of 40 recording a time of 26 minutes 45 seconds.

Unfortunately an accident terminated my racing. The principles and training programmes in this site are based on the methods I eventually used. Any comments, questions or requests are welcome. We will endeavour to answer them within three working days.

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