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11. The Training Schedules.
On this site you will find detailed sample training schedules for the first two periods of the full training year (i.e. 13 periods of four weeks each. 

You can obtain the booklet (principles and full daily schedules for the whole year) 
Click for details

The first two periods are 

1. Aerobic Base 1 (click for full details)

2. Aerobic Base 2 and Strength (click for full details).

The training schedules are based on the principles explained on other pages of this site. Of course, the schedules will not work for you unless you follow them with motivated self-discipline. 

Keep a Training Diary.
An essential part of the process is to keep a training diary within which you record the details of each session you undertake. The details you should record are:

  • The length of time spent in the session in minutes.   

  • The intensity and type of session for example : - 
    Level 3 Intensive Endurance or 
    Level 5 - Short Intervals - Lactate Tolerance.

  • For interval sessions: the number of sets of intervals, the number of repetitions (within a set), time per repetition, maximum heart rate or speed achieved.

  • The distance covered.

  • Average speed.

  • Heart rate range achieved compared with plan.

As the diary builds up you can assess your progress and see if any modifications are required in your training plan. It is also a good way to remain motivated as you see your fitness improving.

Test Your Optimum Heart Rate Regularly.
Every six to eight weeks repeat the Optimum Heart Rate (OHR) test to see what progress you are making.

Warm Up and Cool Down Properly.
Every session should be preceded by a warm up of a few minutes. If the session is on the bike or turbo trainer this should consist of fast pedalling (95 to 110 revs per minute) on a low gear (e.g. 42 x 16). The aim should be to gradually raise the heart rate to 75% of MHR (top of level 1) and maintain this for over 2 minutes. You should then be ready to start the specific session.

It is extremely important that after the session you do not stop immediately, but cool down by pedalling a low gear at a very easy cadence (when on the turbo, below 60 revs per minute) until your heart rate falls below 60% of MHR for at least three minutes.

Click below to link to the detailed weekly schedules:

1. Aerobic Base 1 

2. Aerobic Base 2 and Strength.

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