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Aerobic Base – PERIOD 1 – Four Weeks.

Aims of the Period:
This period begins the process of building a sound aerobic base using mainly stamina sessions (at level 1) and some endurance efforts at both level 2 and 3. The period also begins building strength by incorporating two strength sessions per week. At this stage these strength sessions can be undertaken off the bike (perhaps at a gym).

Keep Pedal Revs High:
Another aim of this period is to develop an efficient pedalling technique. The fastest time trialists all tend to operate at pedal cadences over 90/95 revs per minute. All of the world hour records have been achieved at these cadences. Chris Boardman’s  'athlete's record' was scheduled to average 102 revs per minute. Sessions during this period should all be based on achieving the relevant heart rate (training level) by pedalling an appropriate gear at cadences over 90 rpm (over 95-100 rpm on the turbo trainer). The highest gear will therefore probably be around 52x18 (or equivalent) and most of the time should be spent on gears below this. When out on the road keep pedalling down hills and remain seated (but keeping the cadence high) when going up hills

Develop Pedalling Technique:
Developing a correct pedalling action is a vital part of efficient time trialling. Research shows that many cyclists do not transmit power during the full pedal revolution, in fact, most only push down from top to bottom of the pedal stroke. This only utilises a quarter of the pedal revolution (at best). You should constantly practice efficient pedalling by lowering the heel and lifting the toes at the top of the pedal revolution and lowering the toes at the bottom of the revolution whilst pulling backwards and then upwards. The aim is a complete round action applying power (by pushing and pulling) throughout the complete stroke. The body, other than the legs, should be motionless.

Try The One Footed Pedalling Test!
To test how efficient your pedalling is try pedalling one footed on your turbo trainer, with the other foot resting on a stool or upturned bucket. Are you transmitting power through the complete stroke?

Weekly Sessions:
Each week within this period  consists of four specific cycling sessions and two strength-training sessions (which may be as short as twenty minutes excluding warm up and warm down).

If you wish to do more, then certainly do so, but any additional sessions should be carried out at a recovery heart rate (below 70% of MHR). If these additional sessions are on the bike they should be in low gears pedalling easily (and quickly), but they may consist of fast walking, jogging, running, swimming or any similar recovery activity.

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