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5. Measured IntensityHeart Rate Intensity for Cycling Time Trials

All of the training sessions provided by this site are carried out at a very specific heart rate intensity, measured against your maximum heart rate.

Obviously, this requires knowledge of your own maximum heart rate (MHR) and, ideally, your optimum heart rate (OHR). Your optimum heart rate is the one you can just maintain at racing pace without going into oxygen debt (commonly known as your threshold).

There is a general rule of thumb, which states that the maximum heart rate can be estimated by deducting your age from 220 (230 for a woman). This can, however, be quite misleading. It is far better to test and measure your MHR and OHR exactly. The training sessions can then be planned at exactly the right levels.

Follow this link for two methods of testing for maximum heart rate (MHR) using a Heart Rate Monitor and turbo trainer.

Follow this link for a method of testing your optimum heart rate (OHR), again using a Heart Rate Monitor and turbo trainer.

When you have undertaken the tests be sure to create you Heart Rate Training Table.

Neither test should be attempted unless you are fit, feeling well, fully rested, and in the right frame of mind (eager to work to your maximum). You should not have done anything strenuous for two days before the test and eaten nothing for at least two hours before the test.

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