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12. Optimum Heart Rate.

Your optimum heart rate (OHR) is the heart rate that you should just be able to maintain during a continuous ride of 20 minutes or more (the level just below that at which you would go into oxygen debt).

Optimum Heart Rate Test.
This test requires a Heart Rate Monitor, turbo trainer and a computer. 

Warm up for 10 to 15 minutes at a heart rate 35 to 40 beats per minute below your maximum.

Then ride continuously at a cadence over 90 rpm, for four continuous periods of 5 minutes (20 minute test) as follows:

0 to 5 minutes

Gradually increase your heart rate to 25bpm below maximum.

5 to 10 minutes

Maintain heart rate at 25bpm below maximum.

10 to 15 minutes 

Gradually increase your heart rate up to 15bpm below maximum (or as close as you can).

15 to 20 minutes

Maintain heart rate at the highest level you can sustain for at least 5 minutes. Your heart rate during this final 5 minutes will be your OHR. If you can sustain the OHR for more than 5 minutes, do so.

Do not stop immediately but keep pedalling and warm down gradually for the next ten minutes.

You may need to repeat the test two or three  times.

Record the distance you travel (on your computer) in the 20 minutes. As your training progresses this can be used to assess progress, by repeating the test every 6 to 8 weeks.

Only undertake the OHR test if you are fit, feeling well, fully rested, and in the right frame of mind. You should not have done anything strenuous for a day or two day before the test and eaten nothing for at least two hours before the test.

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