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Cycling Time Trials Training 1. Starting Notes
Are You Healthy? Do You Have The Self Discipline?
It is up to you, to decide if you wish to follow the training principles and programmes set out on this site. You need to be a dedicated time triallist, with the self discipline to follow the programmes, as they progressively develop through the racing year. 

Before you start, make absolutely sure that you are healthy enough. If in any doubt, consult a doctor before you begin. As you progress the programmes become quite arduous.

The Basic Tools.
The essential tools that are required to complete the training programmes  are, obviously a bicycle, but you will also need a heart rate monitor and a turbo trainer equipped with a rear wheel computer (ideally, but not essentially, a cadence function). You must also be able to devote between 6 and 10 hours a week  (depending on the time of year) to quality training.

What Are Your Objectives?
You will not be able to follow the training plans unless you are very clear about what you expect to achieve and how much time you are prepared to devote to training.

Remember the plans are  designed to help you improve your personal bests in short and middle distance time trials. 

Although you should experience a considerable improvement in your fitness the plans may not help you win road races or longer distance events. You would need to modify the programmes to achieve these things.

What Is Not Included.
The site does not cover nutrition, racing equipment, position on the bike, dietary supplements, hydration methods, or stretching routines. Each of these aspects is very important in it's own right. There is however, much literature on these subjects and you can read them up yourself. However flexibility is important, be sure to do stretching routines every day.

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