Training for Cycling Time Trials

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3. The Three Major Elements of the Training Plan

Systematic Structure

Cycling Time Trials Bicycle

       Training must be regular. How many sessions can you undertake per week? Research shows there must be at least four quality sessions per week.

       The sessions must be of measured intensity using heart rate, pedal cadence and speed.

       The sessions should be specific to time trialling.

       Adequate time must be allowed for recovery between sessions.

Progressive Development

Cycling Time Trials Wheels

       Sessions must be planned so that, over time, there is a gradual and regular increase in intensity and time.

       The aim is to reach a peak and then hold it for as long as possible during the racing season.

Structured Time Periods

Cycling Time Trials Disc or Disk Wheels

       The training year is broken down into 13 four weekly periods.

       Within each four-week period, seven-day schedules are followed.

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