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Are you are a serious cycling time trial rider wishing to improve your performance. If so, you can have a personal training program built for you by a member of the Association of British Cycling Coaches. The on-line system gives you your own personal program on-line database including:

  • a detailed training plan for each day of each month, based on your personal fitness level, with full explanations of how to perform the sessions and at what intensity
  • heart rate levels determining training targets
  • monthly update of training achieved
  • regular progress testing, and progress charts
  • your own personal time trial results record
  • ask for advice or suggestions when you wish
  • body mass updates
  • an 'interactive' recovery assessor
  • training and racing advice and tips
The program begins with a two week program to establish;
your maximum heart rate and/or your current optimum (racing) heart rate
your resting heart rate
your current height and weight
your best time for a distance selected by you.

You may jump the two week testing program if you have already undertaken similar tests. When you enter your results training plans are generated every four weeks including:

Training plans giving detailed training sessions for each day of each week, with personal targets based on your own data.
Targets to improve your time trial physiology including heart rate ranges, time and distance, average speeds, and for interval sessions the number and intensity of each interval and the rest between intervals.
At the end of each training period (4 weeks) you update your own training record in your database.
Training for cycling time trials Every 8 weeks, or at any time, you can test yourself to measures your progress. Your next training plans will reflect your new level of fitness.
At any time you can review your progress in charts and graphs.
An interactive questionnaire enables you to establish your recovery level and advises you on whether or not to undertake an intensive session.
Time trial training and cycle racing Keep an on-line record of all your time trial events. As the season progresses review your results.
Off the bike exercises to develop strength and power during the off-season.
Update your body mass index (BMI) and compare it with leading riders.
At any time you are free to 'ask your coach'. You can enter questions, ask for advice, or ask for clarification if you are experiencing problems.

The online system is no longer available?
This is simple giving you a membership number and allowing you to set up your own password.

Online system is no longer available

After registration you can log on to your own on-line training program. After paying the fee, you will be presented with a two week assessment program. When you have completed the assessment, or if you already know your results, input your results and the detailed training plans follow from there.

What do you need?
The program requires that you have a bicycle to train on and a heart rate monitor to measure the intensity of your training. You will also need a turbo trainer (static bicycle) with a rear wheel computer or a method of assessing speed and distance. The turbo trainer is best for carrying out more intensive interval training and can be used for 'active recovery' sessions.

How much does it cost?
The first part of the program gives you two weeks for assessment followed by detailed training plans for 24 weeks; from early stamina development to being racing fit.

The fee for the two week assessment program and six periods (24 weeks) is £47.70, or £37.50 (if you have already purchased the time trial training booklet). This is the equivalent of £7.95 for each 4 week period, or £6.25 if you have previously purchased the training booklet.
If you have already purchased the time trial training booklet your email address will be checked against the address to which the booklet was emailed, and you will receive a £10.20 discount.

If you wish to continue after the 24 weeks an additional program will be offered, with plans to help you to peak for main racing season and to try and retain your fitness through the racing season.

The fee for the continuation of the plan for a further 28 weeks, including an end of season recovery period of 6 weeks is £24.00. You will be offered when you enter your training results at the end of the sixth period.

See some examples:

View a sample of the personal training heart rate levels?

View a sample of the personal training road and turbo targets?

Look at an introduction to a periods training schedule?

Look at an example of a periods personal plan?

See an example of the progress charts?

NB - The training program is not appropriate if you are under 18 years of age. The training program is not recommended for anyone suffering from illness or medical conditions. If you are overweight, have been sedentary for several years, if there is history of heart disease in your family, or if you are over 40, it is particularly important that you seek the advice of a qualified physician before registering for the interactive time trial training program.

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